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CZ Pendants

N5908 Antique Halo Cubic Zirconia Pendant

N8203 CZ Four Leaf Clover Pendant

N8705 Sunflower Design CZ Pendant

P20419 Round CZ Pendant with CZ Halo Surround and Bail

P50127 CZ Horseshoe Slide with Chain

N8313 10mm Bezel Set CZ on a "CZ by the Yard" Necklace

N6312 Cushion Cut CZ Pendant with Halo Surround of Round CZs

N6316 12mm Cushion Cut CZ Pendant with Fancy Bail

N6907 8mm CZ Bezel Set Pendant

N5808 10mm CZ Bezel Set Slide

N5809 8mm CZ Bezel Set Necklace

N6506 CZ Pendant with Baguettes, Round and Princess Cut Stones

N6507S CZ Heart Necklace

N0277 Round cubic zirconia stone with halo necklace

N8722 Sideways Cross Necklace

N6309 8mm Asscher Cut Solitaire CZ Pendant

N7222 CZ Palmetto Tree Pendant

N6310 Small CZ Cross Pendant

N7204 Lacy Fleur de lis Cubic Zirconia Pendant

N8509 Round Antique Flower Design Pendant

P20390 Christian Fish CZ Pendant with Bail

P3228 Small Round CZ Cross Pendant

P2202 Fancy Style CZ Cross Pendant

P2201 Fancy CZ Cross

P6621 Multi Faceted Cushion Cut Pink Color Pendant

P6623 Multi Faceted Cushion Cut Lime Green Color Pendant

P5610 Oval Pink CZ Pendant

P5638 Oval Lime Green CZ Pendant

P3627 Oval Tanzanite Color CZ Pendant

P5639 Oval CZ Garnet Pendant

P5618 Oval CZ Emerald Color Pendant

P5614 Oval CZ Ruby Color Pendant

M1108P-AQUA Oval Aquamarine CZ Pendant with Clear CZ Accent

M1108P-PINK Oval Pink CZ Pendant with Clear CZ Accent

M1108P-TOUR Oval Tourmaline CZ Pendant with Clear CZ Accent

N8312 Octagon Shape CZ Pendant

P20641 Cluster CZ Pendant

N8206 CZ Key & Lock Pendant

N8207 CZ Triple Nautical Pendant

N8209 Round CZ Pendant with Thick Antique Rim

N8217 Music Note CZ Pendant

Key 009 Round CZ Key Pendant

N8729 Four leaf Clover CZ Key Pendant

N8202 CZ Wishbone Pendant

N8214 CZ Brest Cancer Ribbon Pendant

P20585 Cubic Zirconia Ribbon Heart Pendant

P20640 Paved Style Cubic Zirconia Heart Pendant

N8704 Round CZ Cluster Pendant

N8212 Cushion Cut Pink Antique Pendant Surrounded by Halo of Clear CZs

N6901 Cushion Cut Clear CZ Antique Pendant Surrounded by Halo of Clear CZs

N8602 Graduating CZ Heart Pendant

N9306 Cushion Cut Cubic Zirconia Pendant with Split CZ Bail

N9312 Cubic Zirconia Turtle Pendant

P25073 Oval Antique Style Cubic Zirconia Pendant

N8511 CZ by the Yard Necklace

N7205 CZ Fleur de Lis Slide

N8735 Paved CZ Cross Pendant

P20866 Antique Square CZ Pendant

N8707 Antique Cross Style CZ Pendant

N8213 Cushion Cut Aquamarine CZ Antique Pendant Surrounded by Halo of Clear CZs

N9304 CZ Sterling Silver Dove Pendant

P9303 Cubic Zirconia Angel Wing Pendant

N8731 CZ Fourleaf Clover Pendant

N8736 Square Shaped Antique CZ Pendant

N9311 Antique Round CZ Pendant with CZ by the Yard

N8210 Cushion Cut Tanzanite CZ Antique Pendant Surrounded by Halo of Clear CZs

N6302 Princess Cut Cubic Zirconia with Halo accent pendant

N8709 Diamond Shaped Antique CZ Pendant

N8702 Flower Style Antique CZ Pendant

N6909 Door Knocker Style Cubic Zirconia Pendant

P6513 Oval Blue Topaz Cubic Zirconia Pendants

P5612 Oval Sapphire Cubic Zirconia Silver Pendant

P5616 Oval Amethyst Cubic Zirconia Silver Pendant

P25064 Round cubic zirconia encased in rope setting

P25098 Paved Cubic Zirconia Barrel Pendant

N8218 Small Cubic Zirconia Fleur de lis Pendant

N9309 CZ Sterling Silver Floral Pendant

N9315 CZ Crescent Moon and Palmetto Tree Pendant

N9317 CZ Flower Pendant with Faux Pearl

N9307 Pave Style CZ Cross Pendant

N9308 Basic CZ Sterling Silver Cross

N9318 CZ Faux Pearl Pendant

N7328 8mm Synthetic White Pearl CZ Jacket Pendant

N9313 Cubic zirconia sea horse pendant

N9338 Cubic Zirconia Infinity Pendant

N9305 Cushion Cut Lime Green Antique Pendant

P5278 Paved cubic zirconia pendant

P0580 Cubic Zirconia Star David Pendant

P5287 Sunburst Cubic Zirconia Pendant

N0204 Cubic Zirconia Angel Wing Pendant

P5150 Cubic Zirconia Halo Pearl Pendant

N8208 Small Cubic Zirconia Starfish Pendant

N8717 CZ Nautical Pendant

P7078 Swirl Style Cubic Zirconia Pendant

P5277 Round Paved Cubic Zirconia Pendant

P2888 Butterfly Cubic Zirconia Pendant

P5120 CZ Anchor Pendant

N9341 Heart beat necklace

N9339 Love Necklace

N9340 Contemporary Bazel CZ pendant

N9342 Mini round door knocker cz necklace

N9343 Mini cushion cut door knocker cz pendant

P1254 CZ Puzzle necklace

N5035 Five stone cz necklace

N6310GP Gold plated baby cz cross necklace

P8253 Antique style cubic zirconia pendant

N9349 Cubic zirconia knot style necklace

N9358 Cat paw cubic zirconia necklace

N9353CA Canary cubic zirconia pendant

N9019 Whales Tail Necklace

N1595 CZ Heart Necklace

N9359 Pendulum CZ Necklace

P17254 Triple Round CZ pendant

N0248 Sliding CZ Tube necklace

P5200 Cubic Zirconia Dragonfly Pendant

N5596 CZ Love Necklace

N7744F CZ Sideways Cross Necklace

NCZ8114 CZ Bar Necklace

YN3125 CZ Lariat Necklace

N0253 Black and Clear Sliding CZ Necklace

P45254 Rope Medallion CZ Cross

P74254 Nail CZ Cross

PR133 Multi Color CZ Leaf Pendant

N2177 V Necklace

P2104 Round CZ pendant

P70204 Cushion cut cubic zirconia halo pendant

TN3485 Tri Star CZ necklace

N6300 Starfish Pendant

N0961 Sand Dollar CZ Pendant

N1033 Two toned Palmetto tree cubic zirconia necklace

N0249 Sliding CZ Disc Necklace

N0125 Circle of Life pendant

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