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Wedding Bands - Ladies

Ladies diamond wedding bands

4B21DB Channel-set Diamond Ladies Wedding Band

CG2933WG-B Modern Channel-set Wedding Band

SC13079B Contoured Pave Diamond Wedding Band

LCF130 Ladies 3mm Plain ComfortFit Half-Rounded Wedding Band

120 Ladies 2mm Plain Half-Rounded Wedding Band

LCF140 Ladies 4mm Plain ComfortFit Half-Rounded Wedding Band

513550 Channel-set Diamond Eternity Band

4J15DB Designer Channel-set Set Wedding Band

4J08DB Antique Pave-Set Diamond Wedding Band

4I29DB Thin Pave-Set Diamond Wedding Band

4B68DB Modern Channel-Set Diamond Wedding Band

4E04DB Antique Three Sided Pave Set Ladies Diamond Wedding Band

CG6346B Modern Art-Deco Inspired Channel-set Wedding Band

CG6443B Antique Pave Eternity Band with Hand Engraved Sides

CG6746B Antique Diamond Three Side Pave Wedding Band

CG6591B Modern Channel-set Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Band

CG3958B Antique Bezel Set Hand Engraved Wedding Band

24409B Antique Designer Style Wedding Band

J1281RB Designer Style Matching Diamond Ladies Eternity Band

CG6965 French Cut Prong Set Ladies Eternity Band

J1404R-MB Modern Prong-Set Wedding Band

J1379R-MB U-Cut Matching Eternity Ladies Wedding Band

J1301R-MB French-Cut Eternity Ladies Diamond Wedding Band

CG6578 Ladies Diamond U-Cut Eternity Band

J1256R-MB Ladies Pave Diamond Wedding Band with Milgrained Edges

SR-2 Rose Gold Antique Stackable Ladies Diamond Band

J1556R Modern Marquise and Round Brilliant Diamond Band

J1524R-MB Antique Custom Contoured Vintage Wedding Band

J1389R-MB U-Cut Prong-Set Diamond Ladies Wedding Band

SR-2-ALT Rose Gold Antique Stackable Ladies Diamond Band with Alt Diamond Colors

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