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These are settings which are not completed and may be customized by the customer to her/his preference.

4B21D Channel-set Diamond Enagement Ring

CG6430M Antique Diamond Cathedral Solitaire Ring Mounting

4J15DM Designer Channel-set Set Engagement Ring

4J08DM Antique Pave-Set Diamond Solitaire

4I29DM Thin Antique Three Stone Engagement Ring

4B68DM Modern Channel-Set Diamond Solitiare Engagement Ring

CG6498M Channel-set Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

CG3958 Antique Bezel Set Hand Engraved Engagement Ring

CG6895 Antique Diamond Ring Mounting with Prong-Set Shank

CG6738 Antique Three Row Diamond Ring

CG6894 Antique Three Diamond Ring with Prong-Set Diamonds In Shank

CG6893 Antique Prong-Set Diamond Solitaire Ring

CG6691 Antique Three Diamond Ring with Split Shank

CG6926 Antique Edwardian Style Diamond Ring

CG6759 Antique Prong-Set Halo Surround Diamond Ring

CG6910 Antique Designer Style Diamond Engagement Ring

CG6922 Antique Three Diamond Engagement Ring with Bezel-set Diamonds

CG6841 Antique Prong-Set Bridal Set

CG6938 Antique Cushion Shaped Halo Surround Ring for Round Brilliant Diamond

CG7116 Pave Diamond Cathedral Setting with Scrolls

J1368R Designer Trellis Solitaire Setting

J1318R-Pave Designer Six Prong Bead Set Engagement Ring

J1318R-Channel Designer Six Prong Channel Set Engagement Ring

CG6978 Three Stone Antique Ring with Cushion Halo Surround Center

CG7033 Antique Cushion Halo with French Cut Pave Shank

JR-5247-WS Designer Antique Cushion Halo Surround with French-Cut Shank

CG9014 Antique Round French Cut Prong Setting Halo

CG7137 Antique Cushion Halo Surround with Round Brilliant Side Stones with Halo

CG6652 Three Stone Engagement Ring with Pave Shank

CG4997 Classic Round Center with Baguette Sides and Pave Shank

CG5074 Classic Double Baguette Side Diamond Engagement Ring

CG5074B Classic Double Baguette Side Diamond Matching Band

CG6859 Three Row Micro-Pave Basket Set Engagement Ring

CG6763 Antique Split Shank Halo Surround with U-cut Prongs

J1383R-FCP Designer French Cut Prong Set Solitaire Engagement Ring

J1408R Designer Antique Cushion Halo with Round Brilliant Center Engagement Ring

J1410R Designer Modern Halo Surround with Trellis Basket Engagement Ring

J1404R Modern Prong-Set Engagement Ring

CG6593 Three Stone Engagement Ring with Pave Diamond Shank

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