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R7016 Tortoise Shell Pattern Antique Silver Ring with Red Stone

R7015 Tortoise Shell Pattern Antique Silver Ring with Black Onyx

BR2579 Triple Split Ring

8-1535 Circular Tiger Eye Ring with Beaded Outer Edging

R5030 Antique Dome Ring

BR1522 Spinning Infinity Ring

SR4061 Two Toned Bali Style Cigar Band

R6217 Multi Ball Sterling Silver Ring

R6720 Birds Nest Ring

R8-1556 Black Antique Oval Black Dome Ring

R8-1556 Red Antique Oval Red Stone Ring

R8-1556 Turquoise Antique Oval Dome Turquoise Ring

R6215 Heavy Hammered Cigar Band

R4021 Thumb Ring

R7032 Oval Multi-Faceted Cognac Color Ring

R118 Cross Cigarband

R8620 Claddah Ring

R9533 Meditation Ring

R8-1822 Medium Size Rose Ring

R8034 Long Diamond Cut Cigar Band Ring

R9024 Hammered Swirl Ring

R9044 Vow of Purity Band

R6216 Heavy Engravable Cigar Band

R7201 Fleur de lis Ring

R1494BT Blue Topaz Cubic Zirconia Ring

R902 Starfish Ring

R8026 Oval Abalone Ring

R8028 Triple Roped Dome Ring

R9027 Four Leaf Clover Ring

R9028 Round Fleur de lis Ring

R8031 Hammered Dome Ring

R8029 Balinese style Dome Ring

R440 blk Black antique cut stone ring

R9536 Antique Swirl Ring

R8030 Long Antique Swirl Band Ring

R557 Cushion cut faux turquiose ring

R1335LIM Small antique cut ring in lime green color

R1494TQ Kidman Turquoise Ring

R1335AMB Small Antique cut ring in amber color

R1335BLK Small Antique cut ring in amber color

R9817 Long hammered ring

CLR8414 Sterling Silver Calla Lily Ring

R9533TT Two toned Meditation Ring

R1503blk Black rope band ring

R1494MP Mother of pearl ring

R5339 Fishhook ring

R5334 Puzzle style ring

R1503LG Lime green rope band ring

CHR2170 Triple vertical ball ring

R8-1556 Tigereye Tigereye Antique Oval Domed Ring

CHR2111 Triple Wire interlocking ring

R1058 Wavy ring

R9541LG Large Spoon Ring

R1452 16mm Ball Ring

CHR77807 Beaded Cigarband

CHR68033 Four Beaded Ring

JCR1526 Wishbone Ring

R0272B Blue Opal Ring

CHR6116 Oval Dome Ring

CHR68035 Oval Cross Ring

R9539 Grape Ring

R9540 Nugget Dome Ring

R7706 Antique Tree of Life Design Ring

CHR6117 Vertical Multi Ball Ring

R0272W White Opal Ring

R161081 Open Wave Band

BR2578 Side ways Cross Ring

CHR8197 Wave Band Ring

R8033 Short diamond cut cigarband ring

R9532 Sterling Silver Napkin Ring

R98188 Long Swirl Ring

R0272MT Mystic Topaz Ring

CHR6115 Textured Oval Ring

R9541 Spoon Ring

R126 Small Infinity Sign Ring

R6132 Sterling Silver triple interlocking band

R6546 Geometric Style Ring

R1503B Blue topaz roped band ring

BR1521 Fence Ring

BR1520 Small Starfish Ring

BR1096 Small Fleur de les Ring

CHR11918 Spiral Ring

CHR20388 Wide Antique Spin Ring

CHR68034 Rose Ring

CHR68036 Antique Scroll Ring

CHR68037 Curved Ring

CHR68038 Feather Ring

CHR68039 Bar Ring

CHR68040 Noodle Cigarband

CHR68041 Triple Curl Band Ring

CHR68042 Double Shanked Oval Dome Ring

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