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Sterling Silver Earrings

E9510 Filigree Style Fishhook Earring

5-1341TQ Square Antique Earrings - Turquoise

5-1341RED Square Antique Earrings - Red

ED5724 Dragonfly Earrings

E7602 Turquoise dragonfly earring

E62055 Antique Earring

E8612 Double loop fishhook earring

M1108E-TOUR Oval Tourmaline CZ Earrings with White CZ Surround

E6704 Contemporary Double Round Disc Post Earrings

E5230 Bold Rope Designed Pearl Drop Earrings

E5333 Dangling Multi-Stone Ruby Color Stone Chandelier Style Earrings

E5338 Dangling Multi-Stone Purple Color Stone Chandelier Style Earrings

E5332 Dangling Multi-Stone Pink Color Stone Chandelier Style Earrings

E5336 Dangling Multi-Stone Olive Green Color Stone Chandelier Style Earrings

E6186 Monarch Butterfly Earring

E5-1058-LV Oval Cushion Cut Multi-Faceted Lavender Color Post Earring with Marcasite

E5-1058-PNK Oval Cushion Cut Multi-Faceted Pink Color Post Earring with Marcasite

E5620 Swallowtail Butterfly Earring

E5832 Art Deco Earring

E6013 Double Round Geometric Hammered Post Earring

E7301F Fleur de Lis Disc Earring with Freshwater Pearl Studs

E6012 Hammered Circular Disc Dangling Post Earring

E251670 M & M Shaped Sterling Silver Earring

E9358 Twisted hammered earring

E6015H Round Hammered Disc Earring with Circular Ring Border - Blank

ATE1 Abalone Fish Hook Turtle Earrings

E6611 Engravable Crystal Earrings - Champagne

E6610 Engravable Crystal Earrings - Lavender

E6607 Engravable Crystal Earrings - Clear

E10550-CLR Dangling Teardrop Clear Cubic Zirconia Earring

E10550-PNK Dangling Teardrop Pink Color Cubic Zirconia Earring

E10550-LG Dangling Teardrop Lime Green Color Cubic Zirconia Earring

E5613 Oval Ruby Color CZ Post Earring

E5639 Oval Garnet Color CZ Post Earring

E5609 Oval Pink Color CZ Post Earring

E51433 Oval Antique Fish Hook Earrings

TDCH74 Square Disk Hammered Earring

TDCH71 Round Disc Hammered Earring

E7607 Synthetic Opal Dragonfly Earrings

E7609 Synthetic Opal Dragonfly Earrings

E7615 Synthetic Blue Opal Turtle Stud Earrings

E7617 Synthetic Fire Opal Turtle Stud Earrings

E7409 Crescent Hoop Earring

E7102 Antique Twirl Cross Earrings

E251196 Double twisted earring

E6119 Flowing Bar Earring

E7787 Sea horse earring

SE11 Shooting Star Earring

SE12 Crescent Moon Earring

E7816 Swirl hammered earring

EM7111 Round hammered earring

SE13 Bar stud earring

SE14 Small Oval stud earring

BER4696 Abalone Tree of Life Earring

EM8116 Triple bead stacked earring

BER19 Triple Abalone Earring

BER76 Triple Mother of Pearl Earring

BER4772 Abalone pear shape earring

E1395 Pendulum Stone Earring

BER2462 Tear drop Abalone earring

BER4389 Triple Abalone Drop Earring

E0745 Leverback Ball Earring

BER4390 Triple Mother of Pearl Drop Earring

E251197 Hammered Ball Earring

E8920 Silver Ball Stud Earring

E7705 Oval antique earring

E18827 Filigree Owl earring

E05611 Small round filigree earring

E9432 Teardrop stair railing earrings

E5922 Bar Earring

E9041 14mm Ball Earring on wishbone hook

E9506 Round filigree Style Fishhook Earring

E9507 Filigree Style Fishhook Earring

E9509 Filigree Style Fishhook Earring

E9508 Filigree Style Fishhook Earring

E9511 Square Filigree Style Fishhook Earring

E9434 Round Stair Railing Earring

E9102 Antique Flower Earring

EB8115 Balinese earring

E6117 Tear drop earring

E9520 Round Filigree Style Earring

E9357 Wire wrapped earring on fishhook

EB9012TQ Balinese Turquoise Earring

EB9356 Balinese teardrop earring

E9019 Multi Loop Earring

E7903 Wavy Hammered Earrings

E8622 Twisted Hoop Earring with Silver Ball

E251186 Floating Spiral earring

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