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CZ Earrings

E6902 Cushion Cut Antique Halo CZ Earrings

E5909 Round Antique CZ Post Earring with Halo Surround

E6928 Small Antique Round CZ Post Earrings

E5903 Round Antique Style CZ Earring on a Fixed Leverback

E5904 Graduated Three Stone Antique Post CZ Earrings

E6516 10mm Round CZ Earring Set on a Fancy Dangling Lever Back

E8223 9mm Round CZ Earring with Fancy Fish Hook

E8221 Cushion Cut CZ Earring with Halo CZ Surround and Fish Hook

E8841 5x5mm Princess Cut CZ Fish Hook Earrings

E8842 5mm Round CZ Earring on Fish Hooks

E8847 Bezel Set Round CZ Earring with Fixed Leverback

E8843 6mm Round CZ Earring on a Fixed Leverback

E8844 7mm Round CZ Earring on a Fixed Leverback

E8845 5mm x 5mm Princess Cut CZ Earrings on a Fixed Leverback

E8846 6mm x 6mm Princess Cut CZ Earrings on a Fixed Leverback

E8840 Asscher Cut Solitaire CZ Fixed Fish Hook Earrings

E8831 Asscher Cut CZ Post Earrings - Small

E5803 Emerald Cut 8x6mm CZ Lever Back Earring

E5801 Pear Shaped 9x6mm CZ Lever Back Earring

E5808 Princess Cut 6mm CZ Lever Back Earrings

E8822 Bezel Set CZ Post Earring - Small (6mm)

E8823 Bezel Set CZ Post Earring - Medium (7mm)

E8824 Bezel Set CZ Post Earring - Large (8mm)

E10571LB Round CZ Snowman Shaped Prong Set Earrings on a Fixed Lever Back

E8821 Cushion Cut CZ Stud Post Earrings

E15122 10mm Round Post CZ Earrings with CZ Halo

E7326 Round CZ Stud Earrings with Round CZ Jacket

E15027 Dome Cluster CZ Post Earrings

E8311 Small Octagon Shape CZ Earrings

E5902 Post Earring with Princess Cut, Round and Baguette CZs

E7325 Round CZ Solitaire Stud Earring with Square CZ Jacket

E6313 CZ Cushion Cut Post Earrings with Halo Surround of CZs

E5804 Round 7mm CZ Lever Back Earrings

E5802 Princess Cut 6mm CZ Lever Back Earrings

E6913 CZ Cushion Cut Dangle Earring

E6301 Princess Cut CZ Earrings in a Modern Setting with Curl Post

E6320 12mm Cushion Cut CZ Earrings with Fancy Curl Post

E10861 CZ Pear Shaped Dangling Post Earrings

E6904 Sterling Silver Round CZ "Door Knocker" Post Earrings

E8224 Round CZ Earring with Thick Antique Rim

E8214 CZ Brest Cancer Ribbon Earrings

E8723 Love Knot CZ Stud Earring

E8727 CZ Butterfly Stud Earring

E8715 Fancy Emerald Cut CZ Stud Earring

E8721 Double CZ Stud Earring

E8726 Paved CZ Ball Earring

E8701 Flower Style Antique CZ Earring

E8720 Baugett CZ Cross Stud Earring

E8708 Antique Cross Style CZ Earring

E8714 Round Multi layered Antique CZ Earring

E8718 CZ Nautical Stud Earring

E8711 Diamond Shaped Antique CZ Earring

E8712 Antique Star Style CZ Earring

E8703 Round CZ Cluster Earring

E8510 Round Antique Flower Design Earring

E8706 Sunflower Style CZ Earring

E15310 Cubic Zirconia Fourleaf Clover Earring

E15808 Small Antique Round Cubic Zirconia Earring

E15718 Door Knocker Style CZ Earring

E72150 Antique Style Leverback Earring

E15817 Cubic Zirconia Antique Pear Shape Earring

E15770 Antique Fleur de lis Earring

E8713 Tear Drop CZ Post Earring

E7221 CZ Palmetto Tree Fish Hook Earrings

E9322 6mm Pedestal Halo CZ Stud Earring

E9323 7mm Pedestal Halo CZ Stud Earring

E9324 8mm Pedestal Halo CZ Stud Earring

E9334 Oval Antique Cubic Zirconia Earring

E15895 Angel Wing Cubic Zirconia Stud Earring

E6910 Door Knocker style Cubic Zirconia Earring

E5806 Round Shaped Cubic Zirconia Dangling Post Earring

E15949 Cubic Zirconia Turtle Stud Earring

E9327 Rope Bazel Cubic Zirconia Post Earring

E11190 CZ Horseshoe Post Earrings

ER2169 Point Huggie Earring

E10868 Christian Fish CZ Earrings on Fish Hook

E8305 CZ Stud Cross Earrings

E5911 Dangling CZ Post Cross Earrings

E10846 Round Antique CZ Halo Earrings

E15387 Rain Drop Style CZ Stud Earring

E15500 Cushion Cut CZ Earring

E7208 Fluer de Lis CZ Encrusted Dangling Earrings

E7206 Small Fleur de lis post earring

E6509 Antique Style CZ Hoop Earring

E9320 Leaf Style Antique CZ Earring

E9201 Five stone cubic zirconia earring

E9202 Long tear drop cubic zirconia earring

E8719 Paved Style CZ Studed Hoop

E466 Cubic Zirconia Infinity Earring

E0651 Double bezel cubic zirconia earring

E6446 Pear Shape Antique CZ Earring

E6365 Square paved CZ stud earring

E6266 Cubic Zirconia Scissor post earring

E9210 Asscher Cut Leverback CZ earring

E9205 Drop Cushion Cut CZ Post Earring

E9335 Cushion cut cubic zirconia halo post earring

E9319 Cubic zirconia cross post earring

E9207 Channel set princess cut CZ post hoop earring

E9206 Drop round cubic zirconia post earring

E9325 Cubic Zirconia Starfish Post Earring

E6196 Small Cubic Zirconia Starfish Stud Earrings

E9332 Crown Basket Set Cubic Zirconia Stud Earring

E8725 Mini Antique Round Halo CZ Post

E7100 Antique Cut Bazel Set Post Earring

CZE6408 Flower Style Cubic Zirconia Stud Earring

E7167 Pressure setting black cubic zirconia post earring

E7170 Pave set cubic zirconia huggie earring

E5120 CZ Anchor earring

E1663 Emerald cut with halo stud earring

E9344 Caged cubic zirconia hoop small size

E9347 Door knocker cubic zirconia earring

E9348 Double link cubic zirconia earring

E9349 Cubic zirconia knot post earring

E9350 Tear drop cubic zirconia earring

E9351 Pear Shape cubic zirconia earring

E9352 Wishbone cubic zirconia stud earring

E9353CA Canary cubic zirconia stud earring

E9354 Small heart cubic zirconia stud earring

E9355 Fancy teardrop leverback earring

ECZ7078 Swirl Style CZ post earring

ECZ93588 Cat Paw cubic zirconia post earring

E3308 Double square dangling cubic zirconia stud earring

E6286 Dangling pearl stud earring

ECZ66177 Long marquise shape CZ post earring

ECZ61589 Rectangular CZ dangling post earring

E9344L Caged cubic zirconia hoop earring LARGE size

E11047 10mm Synthetic Pearl CZ Jacket Earring

E15604 MOP CZ Leverback Earring

E7329 Pearl Stud with CZ Halo Enhancer Earrings

E7324 Pearl Cubic Zirconia Leverback Earring

E9336 Faux Pearl with CZ Halo Post Earring

E6081 Faux pearl halo cubic zirconia post earring

E9346 Faux pearl pave cubic zirconia earring

E21152 X post earring

E10167 Faux pearl wavy halo earring

ER2168 CZ Cross Huggie earring

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