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Sterling Silver

P7817 Swirl Hammered Sterling Silver Pendant

B2305 Square Byzantine bracelet

P55611 Sun Pendant

E8903 2mm thick 22mm diameter hoop

E8904 2mm thick 30mm diameter hoop

E8905 2mm thick 41mm diameter hoop

E8906 2mm thick 45mm diameter hoop

E8906A 2mm thick 54mm diameter hoop

E8906B 2mm thick 67mm diameter hoop

E8906C 2mm thick 77mm diameter hoop

E8912A Endless 2mm thick 42mm diameter hoop

E8913A Endless 2mm thick 46mm diameter hoop

E8914C Endless 2mm thick 75mm diameter hoop

E8936 3mm thick 60mm diameter hoop earrings

E8937 3mm thick 74mm diameter hoop earring

E8908 4mm thick 24mm diameter hoop earring

E8909 4mm thick 32mm diameter hoop earring

E8910 4mm thick 45mm diameter hoop earring

E8911 4mm thick 55mm diameter hoop earring

P9420 Small Dragonfly pendant

P9421L Large Dragonfly Pendant

BNG7 Bamboo bangle

BNG8 Triple Plain Interlocking Slip on bangle

BNG9 Triple wavy contrast slip on bangle

Cuff 7729 Hammered Cuff Bracelet

E8515 3 Row In and Out Cubic Zirconia Hoop earring

E8516 Tear drop shape CZ hoop

PD57114 Chihuahua pendant

PD57115 Great Dane Dog Pendant

CHR68040 Noodle Cigarband

CHR68041 Triple Curl Band Ring

CHR68042 Double Shanked Oval Dome Ring

R2441MJ Round Halo CZ Ring

R2716MJ Double Halo CZ Wedding Set Ring

WB4036 Cinch Knot ID Bracelet

B9234 Cubic Zirconia Cinch Knot Tennis Bracelet

YN3125 CZ Lariat Necklace

N2177 V Necklace

ER2168 CZ Cross Huggie earring

N2104 Diamond shape CZ pendant

P2101 Mermaid Pendant

EF223 Oval 3mm In & Out CZ Hoop

N0249 Sliding CZ Disc Necklace

N0125 Circle of Life pendant

P38829 2022 U.S. 1 OZ Silver Dollar

BNG11 4mm plain slip on bangle

BNG12 Contemporary Plain Bangle

E4035 Oval Stud Cubic Zirconia Hoops

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